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Articles You Should Read

by A Blinkin on February 10, 2013

Here are a few gems to get your week started. Enjoy!

When To Worry About Inflation from Blackrock (the world’s largest asset manager)

It’s no secret that I’m pessimistic regarding our economic outlook. This article has the same sort of view, but presents it in a positive tone. For example: “the Federal Reserve’s increasingly heroic efforts to stimulate the economy” is a great way to say it.

An Untraditional Roadmap to Financial Success in Your 20’s from Financial Samurai

The article is actually a guest post Her Every Cent Counts. Going against Sam’s proven advice, she didn’t go to an Ivy League School, has struggled quite a bit, but as still managed to earn six figures and accumulate a respectable net worth at age 29.

The U.S. Economy is Dangerously Detached from Reality from Zero Hedge

I probably wouldn’t read this if you’re a perma-bull, but it’s well-written. Here’s a teaser: “Today, independent economic analysts cannot look to the numbers to determine future trends.  Most are fake, and the rest are ugly, and I’m not sure much else can be said in their regard.  Instead, we must now look to events, rather than statistics, because our country has been maneuvered into a position of utmost frailty.”

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Written by A Blinkin

A Blinkin

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