Why I Invest in the Stock Market (knowing that it’s rigged)

Is the stock market rigged? Some people think so. And after reading Flash Boys, it’s difficult to disagree. Michael Lewis (the author) is known for shining light on dark places and bringing transparency to otherwise opaque industries. If his name sounds familiar, it’s because he also wrote The Blind Side, Moneyball, The Big Short and, […]

What if I Increase my 401(k) Contribution by 1%?

I was 23 years young and I was working my first “real” job (post-college). I still remember the day when my Manager dropped the big binder on my desk labelled “Benefits.” Once I selected my health insurance (hardly knowing what a deductible is), I shuffled through a section titled “401(k).” I knew the gist of […]

The Impressive Numbers Behind ABC’s Hit Show: Shark Tank

I love Shark Tank. When it comes to reality television, Shark Tank is hands down my favorite show. My wife and I typically record it on Friday so that we can start our Saturdays off with some good ol’ fashion American Capitalism. Based on Shark Tank’s impressive ratings (8 million viewers and rising), it looks like […]

Do Better Than Your Friends In The Stock Market With This Simple Advice From Warren Buffett

Investing is intimidating.  Between all of the investment options and all of the talking heads sharing their differing opinions, the task of choosing where to invest and when to invest can be daunting. Thankfully, I have already explained WHEN TO INVEST in my popular article titled “How Would You Invest $20,000.” Just to recap, the answer […]

Kiplinger Shares 8 Secret Ways Retailers Get Us To Buy More

Every time I step into a casino I’m reminded of the various ways casinos try to separate you from your money. Some of the ways may be more subtle than others. For example, have you ever noticed that there aren’t clocks in casinos? You probably have. But, have you given thought to the bright lights […]

Be Wary of Biweekly Mortgage Payment Services

I really don’t like mail. Unless it’s my birthday, nothing makes me happier than seeing an empty mailbox. That’s because each and every day I’m hammered with deals, offers and not-so-subtle sales pitches. Yesterday was no different. After walking the dog around 5:00 pm, I pick up the mail and deliver it directly to the […]

Impress Your Friends With These 3 Cool Payment Apps

Mrs. Blinkin and I walked into Panera last night for dinner. We weren’t in the mood to cook and we wanted something that was quick and relatively healthy (so our options were limited). I find myself eating Panera more and more – not only for their food choices – but also for the experience. If […]

Funancials is Featured on Mint.com!

You’ve heard of Mint.com, right? Of course you have. Everyone has heard of Mint – because Mint is THE AUTHORITY when it comes to budgeting. If you don’t know where your paycheck is going, check out Mint. If you want to get serious about saving, check out Mint. If you want to put together a […]