10 Ways to Save Money Without Changing Your Habits and Behavior

Have you ever wondered why people don’t save more? Or better yet, have you ever wondered why you can’t save more? If you continue reading, I’ll tell you why. The Economy is No Longer an Excuse It’s extremely easy to blame our lack of savings on “the economy.” Regardless of your age, you have undoubtedly […]

Sample Investment Portfolios from the Experts

Everyone knows that they need to invest, but very few know where, when and how to do so. In an attempt to overcome the paralysis caused by too many investment options, I bring to you a list of sample investment portfolios from the “experts.” I put quotations around the term “experts” because even the most knowledgeable investors of […]

One of the Biggest Lies that Wall Street Sells…and We All Buy It

If you ask a friend, neighbor or family member how the stock market has performed over the last 100 years, they’ll all probably give you a similar answer. “Oh, you know, it’s averaged about 10%.” While this number is fairly accurate on the surface, it hardly paints the full picture of what kind of future returns […]

Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Layman’s Terms

At some point in the last century, leaders from every industry came together and agreed to forego the English language in favor of incomprehensible industry-specific jargon. The main objective was to put up walls around each industry so that “outsiders” would no longer be able to understand what’s going on “inside.” Unfortunately for us, these leaders accomplished […]

Discipline and Patience Might Just Pay Off

People who are living day by day from a financial point of view rarely have the chance to relax and enjoy themselves. There are of course people who struggle to pay their bills simply because they have not got much money coming in. Others struggle because although they have decent income they have never been […]